Starting Out

I have been set up for this blog for about a month.  I really have no idea what I am doing.  I suppose I will have to learn as I go along.

I am a woodworker who wants to share her passion for making things out of wood.  I enjoy reading blogs of mostly women who make their own things.  Many use old tables, chairs, shelves, etc. and completely redo them by painting and adding parts.  I hope to encourage some of these people to try and make something  from scratch. 

But how to do that?

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  1. You have a wonderful start here, Julie. I feel the urge to make both of your projects. I think you have done really well- excellent step-by-step and photos.More projects coming? Hope so. Donna Menke

  2. I am impressed and have worked with wood for a while now and am glad to see more women involved in this trade. to me it is just a hobby tried doing it as a livelyhood and hated when people told me it was too high priced. and I loved doing for friends but that got expensive. now I see my shop has turned into a large storage rm. I did order Donna's hummingbird kit but just can't motivate myself to go clean out the shop. I used to loose myself in woodworking and now I just get home from work and can't find the time.
    So I applaude you and wish you many happy and memorable projects. Evelinda in Mission south Texas way.

  3. Hi Julie!
    I just came to your blog through Kimba's place. I'm trying hard to get into this DIY stuff!
    I love wood. I love working with it and I love building things out of it. But I don't actually know much about it. I've always wanted to build log furniture since I love it so much. And my fiancee has always wanted to build cabinets. Over the past few years I began collecting tools and just recently we have just about everything we need to make just about anything. But the problem is, we don't have a lot of knowledge.
    I just started attempting to build my own table. I always get a weird reaction from the men at Lowe's when I am looking for woodworking tools. Lol! But it's cool, because I know they are just shocked to find a woman who is interesting in such things.
    Anyways… I look forward to reading your blog more and hopefully learning a thing or two!

  4. Hi Julie, I just found your blog from your comment about jigsaw cutting over at Gail's "my repurposed Life". That was a great tip and one i didn't know. Just went thru all your posts and love the info you give that the average person would not think of. I mean, I knew wood moves, but never really thought much about it when putting things together. I dont do a lot from scratch, mostly re-purposing the junk i find. Doubt I'll ever build a buffet cabinet or anything like it, but I might add a hutch to a chest of drawers I find! Your smaller projects are my faves, the tealight holder, adirondack chair, and lamp table, the rudolph barn sign, so cute! Would love to see more of these type projects from you. I'll be following along from now on to learn more about how to actually use some of the many tools I already own and don't use cause I'm not sure exactly how! Any tutorials in the works for drill presses and band saws? Mine are currently just collecting dust til I get around to figuring them out. Help! (btw, gail has featured a couple of my junk projects on her blog and currently I'm getting ready to start my own, so any startup tips would be greatly appreciated too!)
    Thanks Julie!

  5. Hi Julie! I just found you via Shanty2Chic. Your about me story sounds very similar to my first post on my blog minus the woodworking training. I love your projects. Come visit me sometime and read my first post.

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