Workshop Lumber Rack

Planks on the Floor,
Planks on the Floor,
Lookin’ Like a Fool
with your
Planks on the Floor…
Sorry, just had to do that…
My small collection of pine was sitting on the floor, waiting for somewhere nice to go:

This wall was the decided place, it allows me to enter the open garage door on the garage side of the workshop with a load of wood and then bring it through the middle door that divides the garage from the workshop:


I decided to use 2×4 uprights screwed to the wall, so I pre-drilled the holes for the lag screws:

I coated the uprights with two coats of shellac and then the first one went up with 4” lag screws and washers, on a 2×6 wall stud, from the floor to the ceiling:

The rest went 32” apart from the first. A few shorter uprights were put at the bottom in between the others, for shorter wood pieces:

I was using 1/2” plywood for the brackets, that were attached to the sides of 2×4s. I decided on 12 1/2” long 2×4s and the plywood would be about 14” because it goes right to the wall so that the sides of the brackets are screwed to the uprights. (This will be clearer in photos coming up) So I needed squares of plywood about 14 1/4” that I would cut at an angle that would give me two brackets from each square. This quick “jig” was made on my sliding cutoff sled:

The two pieces I get from the square of plywood will then attach to each side of the 2×4:

Pile of 26 – 2×4s cut and waiting:

Pile of 52 – plywood pieces:

Here’s one bracket and you can see where the 2×4 fits into the back:

Brackets waiting to go on the wall were all coated with two coats of shellac before being attached to the uprights:

I didn’t want any of the brackets to be up too high, since I wouldn’t be able to reach wood up there anyway, so I just figured out heights that looked good to me. The first one at the top was put on and then the remaining ones were leveled to be the same height:

All the brackets were screwed from the sides into the uprights:

And then the wood from the floor was placed on the rack:

It really makes quite a difference to get that wood off the floor.

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  1. Me too! My lumber has a safe place under a large workbench, but it is all together and difficult to go through to select a certain piece of wood. I have no walls though- so no wall system will work. I think your way of doing it is super- very clever- and it works well. Donna

  2. Quick question – why did you shellac everything? I know it doesn't hurt, but I don't see the benefit either. I ask because I need to build a system myself.

  3. Hi! thanks for visiting me- love your rendition of 'Planks on the floor'…that was hilarious!

    I really love this storage system. Great use of the wood on the floor and even better use of it on the wall!

    good job.

  4. Your "planks on the floor" intro was really funny. I like this storage system a lot. My husband recently got into woodworking and there is wood everywhere. Perhaps we can incorporate this into the basement work area using the exposed studs and out in the garage. Great idea!

    And I would welcome your creative input again concerning this: Also, if you're interested, I am running a giveaway until the 29th. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Looking good, but why didn't you make it adjustable in case you have to store home thick or heigh planks etc?
    Perhaps for a next project you could use a slightly ticker beam against the wall. And instead or screwing them you could dril some holes in the beams and use a big nail/metal/wood to stick it rough, in that way you keep the strength of the triangle put are able to move it up and down.


  6. Thanks. I built some for my garage this weekend based on your design. Mine isn't quite as pretty (I just used scrap wood to build) but just as effective. Thanks.

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