New Display at the Front of the Shop

Now that the weather is nicer I have improved the area at the front of my shop.

I bought an old bicycle which I spray painted red, and painted everything, the seat, the tires, the basket, everything!

Then I used old pallet wood to make a flower box to fit in the basket.

 I also have a new number sign under the light by the door.

And I needed a two-sided sign for outside, so I made one and attached it to a post that sits off the edge of the deck that runs across the front of the shop.

This is a wood spinner, or whirlygig that I hang off my sign to attract the attention of passersby! I made it myself with thin strips of wood.

I’m not sure if any of you noticed, but the wood screen door that I repaired and blogged about before here is not in any of the photos.  That’s because it blew open a few weeks ago and broke.  Now I need to fix it again!

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  1. ohhh, how I wish I could visit your shop! I love that front porch. You didn't mention the bench…I MUST make one! 🙂 I (of course) have all the materials on hand that have been given to me.

    sweet bike-love that you painted the entire thing red. F.U.N.


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