Barnboard Whale

As you probably know, I live on an island and I like to include island-themed pieces in my shop. I’ve made lobsters, mermaids and fish. A few weeks ago I cut a whale shape out of an old piece of barn board, it’s 24″ long.

cut out whale 
It sat in my shop for awhile and I felt it needed something extra.
So I found an old bed spindle in my pile of wood parts, and a piece of driftwood from a local beach. I ran the driftwood over my jointer until I got a good stable base. Then I drilled one hole in the bottom of the whale and another in the top of the driftwood base. I glued in the spindle after cutting it to length.
Tada… a whale on a stick!
or should I call it a rustic whale weathervane?

I found this online, it sold for $1250.00


I wonder if I could charge that for mine?
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6 thoughts on “Barnboard Whale”

  1. I LOVE that whale. The color and texture is terrific. And add to that that it's on a stick!!!!! As Ahab would say "you nailed it!"

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