DSC_0389 (2)Julie Rose has been creating in one media or another since she was a teenager. Julie earned a B. Sc. in Applied Mathematics from McMaster University in Hamilton, ON and thereafter became a housewife and mother of three.  Realizing that she was in a bad relationship she “followed her heart” to a new life. After taking a college course in Carpentry-Cabinetmaking, in which Julie had the highest marks in her class, she began wood working in a barn on her country property in 2002. Not long after that she began selling her creations as “follow your heart woodworking,” following which Julie married Eric, and together they built a workshop on the property. In late 2014, Julie and Eric and their daughter moved to beautiful Prince Edward Island and the quest began for a new place to start building things again. In August 2015, Julie and Eric purchased a home to be used as Julie’s new workshop and a small retail outlet.  The store is now open!