Barn Board Bench

I made a bench out of old barn board.

You basically need five pieces.  I didn’t have wide enough wood so I glued together two 6′ pieces side-by-side which gave me about an 11 1/2″ width and then I cut that into three pieces for the top and legs.

The height of the legs is 18″, so I cut two and then cut out the V shape.

The top piece is about 3′ long.

The side pieces are scraps of 3 1/2″ wide boards that I put a 45 degree cut on each end as you can see from the photo.

Everything was nailed together, and then the cut edges were covered with my not-so-secret recipe which I will share in a day or two when I organize the photos.

This is an old looking, very solid bench that is easy to make and similar to my bench I posted here, except it has the two side pieces instead of a middle piece.

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