Pallet Signs for Genn

I do a lot of custom signs, they have become the main sellers in my small business.  I deal with people mostly online where they find me through various local ads, my blog, and google searches.

These signs I made were for Genn in Saskatchewan who somehow found a local online ad of mine.  We are not local, I’m in Northern Ontario, but she found me!

She wanted a rustic, worn, pallet style of sign with the name of her cottage as well as her family’s names. The signs were all painted different base colours and then I hand painted the wording in white and lightly distressed them.

We discussed through emails back and forth as to the size and colours of the signs.  I find this works well for me as I have everything in writing that way to refer to.  (Unfortunately the first try I didn’t check those details well enough and spelled Genn’s name with only one “n,” so I had to do that one sign over.)

Anyway, at least I discovered my error before mailing it out and they were all sent to Genn who is very pleased with her signs and shared this photo with me.

I really enjoy doing these types of personalized items for people, they always appreciate something done just as they want it.

Thanks Genn for choosing me to make your signs!

(Genn has another order for me to complete, it will be my first for the new year)

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  1. I tried to post a comment with no success, Can you somehow attach the following comment to it?

    “I am so pleased and lucky to have stumbled onto Julie's site.
    From her quick response to my initial request right to delivery date; I was nothing short of blown away by her exceptional customer service/experience she provided me!
    Julie has the patience of a saint. She somehow drafts your ideas into so much more via emails into your final dream piece.
    I would encourage everyone to contact Julie with your thoughts and see how your project comes to life with her talents!
    Julie, I can't wait to see what how our next "Friends" project turns out!

  2. awwww such a sweet sign Julie! Glad you caught the mistake.

    I shipped some wedding signs and had a misspelling of the word Francisco. (as in San Francisco)
    It was a set of directional signs….the bride to be said no one had noticed until one guest pointed it out. Funny how our minds "see" what it should be instead of what it is.

    love Genn's sign!

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