Barn Board Framed Potato Sack

I live in O’Leary which is the potato capital of Prince Edward Island.  It is home to the Canadian Potato Museum which has many displays and information about potato farming, a potato restaurant, and also has a giant potato outside.

Last fall at the potato museum, I bought two burlap potato sacks and used them this week to make two different framed pieces.

The first one uses some of the barn board that I used for a couple signs and blogged about here. I cut some boards to about 4″ wide and made a rabbet in the back to hold the mdf board which the burlap is wrapped around. The corners are mitred and the board really has a lot of texture to it as you can see in the close-up photo.

This wall d├ęcor is quite large at 23″ wide x 32″ tall.

You can see the second framed sack at my next blog post here

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  1. Funny that I came here for the first time ever from GF and see that you live in the wonderful PEI! I was telling my American friend that he should visit PEI as it's famous for Potatoes and the scenery is fabulous of course. Love your amazing projects!

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