Table for the Café

Firstly, I apologize if you earlier got the photos from this blog post without any description. I’m still figuring out blogging on the iPad.

I was asked to build a small table for the local bakery and café, called Maple House. It’s where my daughter works part time and the bakery that I made a welcome sign for. You can see that here. They needed something for the entryway to hold a book for guests to sign, as well as a suggestion box.
While inside the café the upper walls are yellow, the entranceway has light grey walls. The café tables have legs that are metal and are painted black with mottled brown tops.
Maple House Café 
I felt the table in the entranceway should be yellow, to carry the customer’s eye into the café. Fortunately there was a partial can of yellow paint left over from the renovations, so I could use the same paint that was on the walls.
I used poplar, which is a good wood for painting, and made tapered legs and put a bead along the bottom of the apron. Here it is sitting in my workshop:

 And here is the table in the entranceway (pardon my reflection in the window):
Café Table 
Café Table 
Although this table is small, it took me over 20 hours to plane the wood, cut the pieces, route the beading, glue it together and put on three coats of paint!
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  1. It's so cute! Isn't it amazing how seemingly "small" projects take so much longer than people expect? As my mother always says, "everything takes longer than it does." I love that quote and use it all the time. 🙂


  2. ohhh so cute Julie. I've never been a fan of yellow, but this color is so perfect. I don't keep track of my hours…. well-I do on the easy projects as in "it only took me 2 hours to build this outdoor bar table". But the time suckers… I don't want to think about it.


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