Mermaid Framed in Barn Board

I haven’t posted for over three months because I’ve just been too busy. I still am, but felt I should let my readers know I’m still here working away.

This is a mermaid I made months ago from strips of wood. I made a similar mermaid in blues and turquoise last year.  You can see her HERE. Some of these strips are made with napkins glued to the wood, to look painted.

This mermaid was fit into barn board, it was a painstaking process and the whole piece took me over 40 hours to complete. She does not sit flat, purposely made to curve from head to tail, so she sticks out from the barn board more in some places such as her tail and her hand.

This piece measures 30″ x 20″ and was sold a few weeks ago to a man who’s wife had come in to my shop and told him about it. He came back by himself and bought her the mermaid for an anniversary gift!

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  1. I've been hoping you were just crazy busy! So glad to hear I was right. This mermaid is the bomb. I love the dimensionality and the use of the napkins is great. Looking forward to seeing what else you've been working on.

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