Coat Racks Inspired by Fishing Huts

I have been working hard at getting a few extra things ready for my shop, I have some new signs and wall décor and also some coat hangers made.

 As I’ve said before, I live in a beautiful island province where there are many small fishing villages. Things are just gearing up for the new season.  We, here on Prince Edward Island are known for lobsters, oysters, snow crabs, many types of fish and even eels!

This is a photo I took  last year of nearby Miminegash, where there are colourful fishing huts:

Here’s a hut with a message for tourists!

The colourful huts across the island inspired this coat rack made from pallet wood:


and this one, basically the same but a little less distressed:


These coat racks are about 18″ wide and about 7″ tall.

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Signs On Our House

As I’ve said previously, almost all of my workshop is in storage.  This includes items to sell as well as tools.  Thankfully I kept back a few pre-made sign boards, just in case I might need them.

One of the blank boards was made with the pallet wood pieces horizontally glued together, similar to the one I made last year and seen here:

 and the other was one I made a bit larger and glued the boards vertically.

I painted the larger one green, since there is green trim at my new home.  I then found a nice font and using carbon paper to transfer to the wood, I painted our last name and the number of our house. This sign is now on the front of our house:

I did not distress that one but I did distress the smaller one, that is on the back of our house.  It is painted turquoise, then distressed and then stained on top of the paint:

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The final creation to come out of my shop before I move

I started a special piece before our house sold.  I had wanted to do something that would be representative of where we were moving to. Prince Edward Island has at least 50 lighthouses, so I thought I would paint one on pallet wood.

I used a photo that I took when we went there last year, and also looked online for more photos of West Point Lighthouse.  The black and white stripes are what make it stand out and recognizable.

Being the precise, mathematical fool that I am, I measured the photos I had and figured out the ratio between the width of the black stripes compared to the white stripes.  I cut my pallet wood with that ratio, so the white striped pieces are wider than the black ones (except at the bottom).

I used a dry brush technique after drawing out the design on the wood.

I also used pallet wood for the frame. This piece is 13 1/2″ wide x 27 1/2″ tall.

Here’s a photo I took in 2013, of my daughter Laura, husband Eric and dog Cisco at the West Point lighthouse:
Although we were not initially looking in the area, it turned out that we bought a house in a town only 20 min. drive from the West Point lighthouse!  Coincidence?

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How to Make “EAT” Letters From Pallet Wood

There are “EAT” letters all over the internet, in blogs and for sale at decor sites.  I decided to use some pallet wood to make my own… very easy to do!
I had rough pallet wood that was 2 7/8″ wide that I felt would be a good width for letters. To determine what size my letters would be I simply laid down three of the pieces horizontally with some space between.  This helped me to see that with the slats being 2 7/8″ wide, the “E” should be 10 1/2″ high.  I then laid another piece vertically beside the horizontal pieces and figured out what width the “E” should be to look correct. The “E” is 8 1/2″ wide:

Of course all letters need to be the same height, but not necessarily the same width.  Because the “A” has it’s sides on an angle, the “A” (as in most fonts) will be wider than the “E”.  I set up some scrap slats to get a height of 10 1/2″ to match the “E” and came up with a visually pleasing width of 11″ wide for the “A”:

The “T” follows easily, also the same 10 1/2″ high, it looked best to me at 8 3/4″ wide:
I cut some thin MDF with my jigsaw, for backing for each letter. I made it about 1/2″ smaller all around each letter and then glued and pin nailed from the back:

I painted the letters edges only with white and then the fronts with turquoise.  I sanded over each letter to give a distressed look.

Very easy to make, only a few cuts and you could make any letters this way! A child’s name? Something for Christmas or a wedding… anything!

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Girl on Horse Coat Rack

I am posting some of my work that is currently for sale either through me here at my blog, or through my etsy shop.

This is a coat rack (or it could be used as a jewelry hanger) made of reclaimed pallet wood.

I cut a half circle for the top part and left a straight board on the bottom where the pegs are.  I glued three boards side by side to make this piece.

This is my own design, the background is routered out.  This leaves the top edging as a frame and the girl on the horse, protruding out from the background.  The horseshoes, as well as the frame and the rider and her horse, are painted black. The bottom board is also painted black and the rest is stained.

Three 5/8″ diameter wooden dowels are wrapped with twine to add to the rustic look.

This coat rack is 24 1/2″ long and 9 3/4″ high.  The back has two triangle hooks for hanging.

There are a few holes in the wood because it was previously a pallet. I think it adds to the character of the piece. The price is $125 plus shipping.

Here are some other items I’ve made by routering out a design:

Golf Motif Box

Bar Sign

Pallet Signs for Genn

I do a lot of custom signs, they have become the main sellers in my small business.  I deal with people mostly online where they find me through various local ads, my blog, and google searches.

These signs I made were for Genn in Saskatchewan who somehow found a local online ad of mine.  We are not local, I’m in Northern Ontario, but she found me!

She wanted a rustic, worn, pallet style of sign with the name of her cottage as well as her family’s names. The signs were all painted different base colours and then I hand painted the wording in white and lightly distressed them.

We discussed through emails back and forth as to the size and colours of the signs.  I find this works well for me as I have everything in writing that way to refer to.  (Unfortunately the first try I didn’t check those details well enough and spelled Genn’s name with only one “n,” so I had to do that one sign over.)

Anyway, at least I discovered my error before mailing it out and they were all sent to Genn who is very pleased with her signs and shared this photo with me.

I really enjoy doing these types of personalized items for people, they always appreciate something done just as they want it.

Thanks Genn for choosing me to make your signs!

(Genn has another order for me to complete, it will be my first for the new year)

Bracket Shaped Baby Announcement Sign

I made a baby announcement sign for a great woman who has a small store in the closest city to me. It’s called “The FARM” and she sells my signs along with many other beautiful handmade items, mostly from local artisans.

Katie just gave birth to this beautiful baby boy in October, and I wanted to make her a sign as a gift.

Because the baby’s name is a little short for the horizontal bracket sign, I added some swirly scrolls, also called flourishes, to each side.

Here is the sign without the flourishes:

and here is the sign with added flourishes:

Can you see the difference it makes? Being a designer is an important added part to being a woodworker and painter.

But really… forget the sign, isn’t Foster just the cutest baby?

P.S. See here for another bracket shaped sign I made previously.

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Our Faith Can Move Mountains – unique shaped sign

This is another sign I recently made using the same technique as my bracket shaped sign.

First I find rough pallet wood and glue the pieces together side by side. For this sign I chose to use uneven lengths of wood.

Then I paint the sign solidly, getting into all the crevices.  This sign was painted black first:

Once this is dry, the sign is sanded which leaves paint in the low spots but bare wood in the high spots.

Now the magic, brush a dark stain over the whole sign:

Then paint a beautiful saying on the wood:

This “Faith” sign is 12″ wide and 17 1/2″ tall with a sawtooth hanger on the back.  It is available through me by email, or at my etsy shop for $40.

I was featured at My RePurposed Life, thanks Gail!

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